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Garage Door Preventive Maintenance

When it comes to protecting your home, your garage door is a valuable asset. Preventive maintenance for garage doors can ensure your door will brace Minnesota’s winters and operate smoothly all summer long. For maintenance services you can trust, work with a local crew with the experience to do the job well.

At Future Garage Door, we’ve spent over 10 years serving customers in the twin cities. When you work with us for garage door maintenance  you ensure your garage door is ready when you need it.

What to check for your Preventive Maintenance

The team at Future Garage Door recommends for home and business owners in the Twin Cities that keep to any door in working order some regular checks are needed. Our maintenance crew suggest checking for: 

  • • Check opening tracks and clear any obstructions.
  • • Lubricate hinges, chains, tracks, rollers and other essential components. 
  • • Tighten all hardware and replace worn-out features. 
  • • Adjust the springs for proper balance. 

Common Garage Door Issues • Future Garage Doors

Residential garage doors require annual maintenance to spot major issues before they escalate. Our qualified technicians understand the most common garage issues and their underlying causes, meaning they can effectively diagnose and repair your door. We’ll keep an eye and ear out for symptoms like: 

  • Grinding noises: Aging garage door hardware can creak, groan and grind during operation, but maintenance will reduce the noise and allow your door to open and close smoothly. 
  • Broken springs: A broken spring will make itself apparent with a fast closure and loud bang. Broken springs can’t hold your door’s full weight, which can be as dangerous as they are distracting. 
  • Reversing during opening or closing: A damaged roller or faulty screw will interfere with your door’s operation and cause the opener to reverse its cycle. 
  • Incomplete seal: If your door lets in light and air through a broken or cracked seal, it’s time for a professional to set it into place or uncover a broken component. 

Why Is Regular Garage Door Maintenance Important?

 Whether you own a residential or commercial garage door, it’s a part of your everyday life. Maintaining your door’s condition is essential for your financial and physical well-being.  A garage door is an investment. Caring for your door with regular maintenance from expert professionals protects that investment by preventing major issues that could compromise its longevity. 

Many of the most common garage door problems can cost residential and commercial customers thousands of dollars to repair or replace their units. Our crew will catch common issues and make a fast, effective fix before the problem worsens. 

Damaged garage doors can also pose safety issues in residential and commercial settings alike. Taking care of your door will prevent anyone from being injured and any property from being damaged. 

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